The Buy 3 Tires Get 1 Free Strategy

Buy 3 Get 1 FreeBuy 2 Get 2 Free 'promotion':  Get educated.


This deal is a popular marketing strategy to bring tire consumers into the their store(s).  

1)  It can be a good deal OR 
2)  May not be applicable for your needs.

Let's go over the two scenarios.

The ‘Buy X Tires Get X Tires Free promos have guidelines and restrictions that apply to qualify for the advertised promotion. 


1)  Always applies to select tire products only.  (You cannot simply choose any tire you wish)

2)  Usually mandatory to purchase *premium install packages".
     This can include: road hazard coverage, lifetime balancing, valve stems, nitrogen and alignment.

These prerequisites are implemented to cover the cost the free offer.



- Having said this, the Buy X Tires Get X Tires Free promo is not to be looked at as a rip off or a misleading deal.  

It's good if :  

1)  The prerequisite services meet your needs &

2)  The tires in which the deal applies to meet your needs. 

If not :  You are not giving yourself the opportunity to find and purchase the right tire for your needs. 


Key Point: 

Be aware of the locations who do not make it mandatory to purchase the extras (prerequisites) as there is a chance those tires may be:

1)  Marked up in price to offset the price of the free tires.  Or,

2)  The install may be priced higher than normal to cover the cost of what they are giving away – the free tire(s).

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*This article is intended to act as a guideline and offers suggestions for users to consider.  The information and ideas here are uniquely written for and published by  All rights reserved.