Buying Tires Online Vs. Buying Tires From Your Local Tire Retailer and. . .

. . . How Online Tire Quotes fits into it all. 

This topic must be well understood and for most, it is not.  We lay it all out there to dispel the misconceptions and surface the realities of each.  
“The truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)




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-  The number one reason consumers cite for buying online is to save money.  It's not quite that simple.

-  * You can research your product and take as much time as you need.

-  Access to inventory is nationwide. 

-  Availability of product is higher.

-  Tire searching can be convenient in that you can do it at work, home the kids soccar practice, wherever.

-  A sense of empowerment exists by making your own choices, which can be good and bad.

-  ** Access to cost of all products they sell.  It is suitable for getting an idea of what products are selling for.

-  There is always a waiting period.  (It still needs to be shipped and delivered)

-  Avoid the fear of being 'sold something'.

-  You live in a particularly rural part of the country where buying online is your best option.

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-  There is a false sense of savings.

-  **The prices online sellers quote come without the cost of shipping added and without the value of warranties.

-  You risk buying the wrong tire for your car.  Yes, it does happen.
      Example:  You buy $500 in tires that, come to find out, don’t fit your car because you have aftermarket wheels you were unaware of.

-  Most online tire sites will be charging 15-40+ dollars shipping per tire.

-  Tire returns are not without time consuming efforts.

-  Returns are accepted minus the freight charges for the return.  You’ve now incurred shipping charges twice.

-  Consumers only have access to a limited number of brand and model information at any one online site.

-  You are subjected to their partnered tire retailers to install tires.

-  When you go to a tire store to get the tires installed, which you bought online, you will usually pay more than you would if the tires were
   purchased in house.

-  You receive no warranties and no after the sale service such as replacement, rotations, balance etc.  They are unavoidable costs for all tires.

-  Tires will not take care of themselves and online retailers don't provide after the sale service.

-  There is no physical interaction with the product until you buy it.


Buying Online Summary :

Consumers need to understand the $ Value $ of warranties.  You do not get warranties from an online warehouse.
Buying online works well for some situations and visa vera.  Do not dive into shopping online just because you think by doing so automatically guarantees you will be saving money.  Buy online when you've considered the realities and it fits your needs.
Savings is only temporary. 



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-  Complete customer service, experienced tire AND auto knowledge WITH expert installation and auto services.

-  Can physically see and touch product.

-  You can get the tires right now. No shipping with immediate install.

-  Same day delivery available on products not in store if ordered in the a.m. (confirm with your local retailers)

-  Local brick and mortar retailers can get anything that the online tire merchants can get.

-  Develop trusting relationships.  Having someone you can go to almost priceless.

-  Face to face communication practically eliminates the chance for details to be lost in translation.  Provideds immediate feedback which
     only this type of communication can provide.

-  By having your car physically in front of a store associate, they can make appropriate recommendations for tire size fitments including :
    -  Upsizing and downsizing or
    -  Applications that must be physically present to determine what will and what will not work on your vehicle.

-  When discussing recommendations with store associates about product, those recommendations are tailor made with regard to your geographical
     location considering the elements unique to your environment.  Only your local retailers can fully command this experience and knowledge.

-  Additionally, building tailor made relationships with recommendations based on environment and how people drive has you covered for your future
     tire needs. (Your go-to-shop / store associate.)

-  Many tire retailers also offer auto services that can be done along with you tire installs.

-  Install is cheaper when you buy product in house.

-  Your local tire retailer is always there for you with advice, product and the equipment to take care of your vehicle needs right now.

-  * Warranties for you tires :
     -  Free tire rotations / Free flat repairs etc.  This is a huge added value when comparing against buying online.


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-  The number one reason consumers cite for not buying at a local retail tire shop is that their lack of tire knowledge will become a disadvantage to them.
      That is no matter, Online Tire Quotes has your back.

-  Depending on retail location, the available product is limited.

-  * Fear of being taken advantage of due to a lack of tire knowledge.

-  * Buying locally is misperceived as taking more time.


Buying Locally Summary :

Consumers need to be aware that once the value of warranties and services are added and the cost of shipping online tires and thier install are removed from a tire purchase that it is the local retailers supplying the perfect combination of savings and service when it comes to providing solutions for your tire needs.


A veritable matchmaker for consumers and retailers.

-  A hybid is born. The best of both worlds combining comprehensive online research with the irreplaceable services of brick & mortar stores which delivers
     a seamless tire shopping cooperative for the benefit of all.

-  Enlists a powerful grade and price identifying system unique only to Online Tire Quotes.  Power for those who need it most.

-  Price tiers – Lets you kow what is considered Low $, Mid $$ or High $$$ cost in a particular size market.
     -  Uncovers ‘deals’ by comparing your retailer price quotes to the Online Tire Quotes Price Tiers.


-  Online Tire Quotes grade :  A letter grade given by non-biased tire professionals taking into account: 1) Price2) Driver satisfaction3) Value, what you
     are getting with what your paying for. These 3 = the Online Tire Quotes Grade


-  Local Retailer search – Immediately gives you connectivity to all of the brick and mortar stores in your area.  Research what you need and
     find the retailers who sell it.  Over 100,000+ retailers ready and waiting to serve your tire needs.


-  Reviews : You and your peers can create reviews on all tires that exist vs. just what a particular online site sells.  And, it's all under one roof.  
     -  *As users generate unique grades and content, the reviews section will be a monster of a tool for it’s users.
         -  Let's continue to enhance the community's tire researching experience by taking a moment to create a tire review.  Go grade that tire!


-  Pictures for thousands of tire models.


Online Tire Quotes Summary :

-  Using Online Tire Quotes before you visit retailers and during those visits enables both parties to save time, save and earn more by benefitting each other
     through the value encompassed by personal relationships.

-   As an unbiased third party resource, it’s abilities to unveil the unknown tire deal and uncover tire Value for tens of thousands of tire models,
      Online Tire Quotes is the tire resource to satisfy the needs and goals of tire consumer and tire retailer.

-  With Online Tire Quotes at your side :
      -  You are empowered with the ability to decide what your best value is as you have all the information you need to make a smart and educated


Summing it up :

It really comes down to awareness.  And with that, use quality resources, such as Online Tire Quotes, that will get you into the best tire product that meets your needs.  As Indian Jones was told, "Choose, wisely".

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