Effortless Tire Conversion

Do not enter flotation sizes such as 35/ 12.50R 18
Flotation sizes are already direct measurements.


 To see the specs on only ONE tire size:
 Enter the current tire size being ran:   click the *GET SPECS/COMPARE* button below:

  /   R  

 To compare & see the specs on TWO tire sizes:
 Enter the 2nd tire size you would like to run:   click the *GET SPECS/COMPARE* button below:

  /   R  



Results = Inches:          Tire 1                                                 Tire 2                                                 Difference

 Sidewall Height:                  

 Section Width:                     

 Overall Diameter:                


 Revs per mile:                     


 If your speedometer reads:   

 Your approximate speed is:   


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*Any and all results/specs displayed from this page are calculated from numerical equations of the sizes/values entered by the user.  They are not results/specs from any tire manufacturer.