Hitting The Phones

An insight into phone shopping vs. driving around town.

* To ones surprise, many customers report that the insufficiencies and discouragement encountered from attempting to acquire tire information for a large range of brands+models and reviews in one trusted online location has subconsciously impelled them to get in their vehicles and just drive around; Somewhat of a last resort to harness some reality of control over their tire search.  (A core reason why Online Tire Quotes is here)
* Many tire consumers have tire retailers they already trust and have a relationship with.  We encourage them to continue visiting and building these relationships.  So driving over to pay them a visit is a bit like visiting an old friend.  It feels comfortable.

Key Point:
- Try to avoid misspending your time driving around to each and/or every location of your choice to obtain prices and availability.

- You will find that, typically, the price quotes you are given will be higher, to some degree, than if you would have called.

Retailers know that when a phone call comes in that you, the consumer, are price shopping.  
Tire Retailers are ready and willing to take those customer calls.


They are compelled to pursue and quote you a competitive price as to:  
1)  Have you visit their store so they have the opportunity to fully display their services, products &... 
2)  To EARN your business.


Key Point:

This topic makes up steps 2 and 3 of our ‘Shop Like A Pro’ tire guide; A blessing for tire consumers.  We highly suggest taking a look!

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