Online Tire Quotes’s ‘Nationwide Average Tire Pricing’ Explained

*The Nationwide Average Tire Price reflects retail store competitive average pricing consumers pay per tire before taxes & install across the nation.
  Online tire prices are NOT applicable.

Online Tire Quotes acquires and sorts pricing data from tire industry experts. We also encourage and allow the Online Tire Quotes community to engage with inputing tire prices on the brands/models they purchase. This cultivates a well rounded and organic nationwide average tire price that tire consumers can confidently rely on as they shop for tires with their local tire retailers. Both retail and consumer parties benefit from consumer participation in conjunction with our professionally acquired data.

It is designed to:

1) Align a shoppers budget with actual tire prices while additionally avoiding the commonly encountered “price shock” unfamiliar tire shoppers
    may experience.
2) Give tire retailers a pricing metric for a tire’s competitive retail price so they may provide honest and fair pricing right from the start.

*Vital Points

- This pricing metric is designed to thwart the beating down of the tire pricing market, NOT encourage it. Pricing is consistently monitored.

- Consumers need to be aware that any tire priced within $10 above the average cost is considered competitive.
  This allowance is an industry standard when “competitive pricing” is defined.

- Additionally, the allowance/standard enables the pricing of a tire to organically fluctuate both up and down depending on the market,
  ( the price a tire is truly sold for ).

These prices are an average that consumers pay across the nation and because of this, tire pricing will vary. With that in mind, if you are analyzing a tire’s average price for a tire with low sales volume, the variance from the nationwide average price for that tire can be considerably larger.

Some additional common variables that may lead to greater average price variances:

1. Location.
2. Supply/Demand.
3. Store Competition.

It is crucial that our users/consumers understand that the goal is not meant to seek out prices under the average price. This pricing metric is meant to be used as a tool to recognize what most, not all, people pay - a nationwide average price - using it as you research tires and when you shop with a retailer so honest and fair pricing is upfront.

The prices found on are an average of retail prices before taxes and install only. NO ONLINE prices are factored in the Nationwide Average Pricing.

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