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Online Tire Quotes's Price Tiers and the Online Tire Quotes Grade work together.     $ $ $ | A+

The Price Tiers are unique to Online Tire Quotes in that they are: 
1)  Defining the market and at the same time - 
2)  Letting you know what is considered $ Low Cost / economy$$ Mid Cost / middle of the road and $$$ High Cost / the upper end of the spectrum.

Note: Each tire size has it’s own market. A tire’s price tier may change from one size to the next.
        - Price tiers in a size 205/45R17 represent a different price market range than price tiers in a size 225/40R18, 295/40R20 etc.
        - So, for example, that Michelin Pilot Super Sport in one size may have a different Price Tier than that same tire in a different size.


Key Point:

A)  Once you know what a tire costs (by your local retailer price quotes) you will be able to use that price quote and compare it to the Price Tiers.

B)  And, comparing the price quote to the Price Tiers you will have a realistic idea of the price ranges for a low, mid and high price tire and their cost.



Is $125.00 per tire low, mid or high cost for that tire size? a.k.a - market. 

If Online Tire Quotes gives you a Price Tier of 3 $$$ you can conclude that the low to mid $100 dollar range is considered:
1)  An upper end product 
2)  That lower cost products (tires) exist.

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