Sniff Your Price & Availability Explained

Sniff Your Price & Availability (2 Click Tire Shopping) is a proprietary tool of
For users: It is designed to provide shoppers with best possible prices + incentives offers with minimal effort, time and without needing any tire knowledge or experience what so ever.
2 click tire shopping process: Simply select a tire and submit your offer request to local retailers. Then, choose the deal that best fits your needs. Your done.
Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening:

Online Tire Quotes, at it’s core, is built around the largest tire resource available with over 60+ Brands and 50+ thousand tires. Tires are given a Price Tier and Online Tire Quotes letter grade for insighful market placement & quality references. Rounding out the power trio is our proprietary pricing tool, Nationwide Average Pricing, which unveils the most coveted piece of information (price) and allows shoppers to establish their budget and avoid overpaying.
Sniff Your Price & Availability takes these assets and provides users with a launchpad for the fastest, most thorough tire shopping experience available.
The offers Online Tire Quotes collects are handcrafted per request and second to none comprised of: 1. Price per tire (PPT) 2. Price per tire total (PPT X’s Quantity) 3. Warranties and incentives: All the goodies - (Manufacturer rebates, store incentives and warranties) 4. The one that really counts - Total Out The Door Price. (PPT Total including taxes, install and fees)
Scenario: A shoppers has choosen a tire(s) they like. What next?! - Who has the tire? What price? When can I get it? That’s when Sniff Your Price & Availability comes in. Choose the tire quantity and the shopping location most applicable to your lifestyle (such as around where you work or live). Submit the offer request. Online Tire Quotes gathers handcrafted local retailer offers who specialize/carry the tire you seek.

*Things to know: - Each user may have 5 offer requests open at any one time. (limits retailers unnecessarily submitting bids to customers who are fishing - which is discouraged) - LIVE bids are collected over a 48 hour period (many stores are closed sundays) - After the LIVE window has closed, shoppers have 48 hours (due to closed shops on Sundays) to choose an offer before the offer period is closed for any and all selections. - Shoppers may choose an offer at ANY TIME during the 96 hours an offer is open for. - The offer is locked in with a Tire Price Lock Certificate (T.P.L.C) which guarantees the selected offer to the shopper by and at the selected store. - Print or bring the T.P.L.C via a mobile device to the retailer for validation of the offer. - Calling the provided store phone# to confirm availability and setup an install appointment is highly suggested prior to locking in your offer. - Locking in an offer with the T.P.L.C will cancel the shoppers 2 other open offer requests.

By nature, the tire shopping process is plagued by several inefficiencies and one of the worst culprits is: It takes too much time. Throw in all the additional idiosyncracies and you’re looking at leaving hard earned money on the table and time wasted. Online Tire Quotes removes that loss from the shopping experience and gives is back to you and more. We do the professional detective work while you get back to other important things like planning on what you’re going to do with the money you’re saving.
Support your communities & shop locally and use this tool to enhance your tire shopping experience.

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