Tire Warranties

Tire manufactures give mileage warranties on products to back a products quality providing an additional selling point for that tire.


Key Point:

Keep in mind, in order to get a credit back from a tire that did not last as long as it is warrantied for, you will need to meet criteria to collect on that warranty. 

1)   Stores will want you to have rotated the tires consistently. 

2)   Alignment needs to be in spec.  
      - The warranty will be void If your tire has uneven wear, lack of rotation documentation, improper air pressure or anything leading to the cause of that          tire to wear unevenly.

Key Point:

- Just because a tire does not have a mileage warranty does not mean that it is a bad tire that will not last.  

Tire warranties bring additional credibility to the tire.  
- It shows that the manufacturer believes the product will last X amount of miles so long as the tires are maintained.  

Fact: Tires will not take care of themselves and will wear unevenly if neglected.

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